Articles taken from The Asphalt Pro Magazine.
Take QC/QA to the Mat

When you know you have the mix right and it’s delivered at the correct temperature all the way to the screed, all that’s left is to compact it into the perfect mat.

Build Up Lighting Options

When the night paving team needs extra light, you can manufacture it.

Light Up The Worker

Your work zone is only as far as you can see at night. You want to light it up.

Spray Every Truck Before Milling

We’ve discussed the importance of coating truck beds with a release agent before they receive millings on a job. Here’s another way to get the product in place.

Paving Basics Make a Better Job

Paving basics start before you call for a haul truck.

Articles below taken from The Asphalt Contractor Magazine.
Crosstrain for success

Training for a variety of tasks isn’t just for the Olympics anymore

Apply tack cautiously

A distributor truck operator who puts safety first is an asset to the paving crew

Monitoring the plan for quality

Make the postjob checklist and check it twice

Safety is for Life: Yours

Workers should keep safety on their minds throughout the day.

Don't launch yet?

Contractors who take time to check details each day get quality mats

Paving industry’s Rembrandt brushes with change

What’s ahead for our faithful paver operator?

Cross train your crew

Peace of mind comes from knowing you have a well-trained roller operator at all times.

Writing The Book on Training

Industry's equipment experts are one of a kind

Let Automatics Work for You

Manual adjudstments can scar your mat

The Finishing Touches

Handwork should not be overlooked when finishing a project

Like Night and Day:

Nighttime paving is a whole new ballgame.

The Three Musketeers Of Paving:

This time they' re rolling along with a little box to keep them in line.

Reuniting Man and Machine:

The first day back on the job at the start of the work season is an exciting day.

Are You Ready for Spring Training:

Winter is a perfect time to draw up a new season playbook.

Operators in the Classroom:

Training reaches higher level as contractors meet industy demands.

Selecting the Right Workhorse:

The equipment makes all the difference when there's a bonus at stake.

Take Communications One Step Further:

Manufacturers, Contractors must talk about training.

Safety is for life - yours!

A Solid Safety Program is Everybody's Buisiness

Training for the Future.

Your employees' lack of knowledge can cost more than even the best training program.